Tim Walker’s Pastel Cats

"A lot of people get confused when they see this image. They think it was done by computer, but we actually took pigment powder, mixed it with talc to get the right ice-cream pastel colours, and brushed it into the cats.

The owners were two proud members of the Persian cat club. I can’t remember how I found them, but they turned up in a van, covered in cat fur, and stood breathing down my neck as I took the picture. We were worried about putting all that powder into the animals’ fur, but they said, ‘Oh no, they absolutely love it.’ The cats were such vain creatures - they adored being touched and pampered.

We didn’t really think about which cats, or how many, should be done in which colours. We just did each one, and then they had to go back into their cat beds in the owners’ van. I think I lost count of how many were pink and how many were blue, but when we were finished they all came out and looked great together. There wasn’t enough light to do the picture indoors - but, by a fluke, all the cats seemed to gravitate to this clematis at the bottom of some steps. I didn’t arrange them. This is just what the cats did, and they all pretty much stayed where they were throughout. So it’s actually quite a naturalistic portrait - apart from the colour.

At the time, in May 1998, I had no idea how the picture would resonate with people. But it has been the image I’ve been asked about the most. For some reason, people are just fascinated with it - more than any model, house or celebrity I’ve ever shot. Everyone wants to know about the pastel cats.” -Tim Walker

Interview by Leo Benedictus



imagine if we talked like reality competition tv show contestants all the time

"hi what would you like to order?" i can handle anything. throw anything at me, and i’m gonna beat the shit out of it, because i’m a boss.

"sir the movie is over we need to clean up please go to the lobby" you can try to push me out but i’ll always come back. i never back down. i’m a fighter.

"happy birthday!" you don’t know me. you don’t know shit about me. i’m a wild card, bitch. i’ll surprise you before you even know what’s coming.

"sorry but we’re all sold out of caramel corn" i fought too damn hard to give up this easy. you think you can beat me? nothing is impossible. i’ve been through too much to give up now.

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“…although it is customary to think of plants on one side of the oxygen and nitrogen cycles as being sessile, and of animals on the other side as being motile, this is not a biological imperative[citation needed]. There are animals that are sessile for all or most of their lives (such as corals), and there are plants (such as tumbleweeds, and venus fly traps) that exhibit more mobility than is customarily associated with plants. On a slowly rotating planet, for example, it might be adaptive for photosynthesis to be performed by “plants” that can move to remain in the light,[citation needed] like Earth’s sunflowers; whereas non-photosynthetic “animals”, much like Earth’s fungi, might have a lesser need to move from place to place on their own. This would be a mirror image of Earth’s ecology.”

— Cool speculative fiction on Wikipedia

this is so cool!

one of the stories i’m trying to get published rn is about aliens who are sentient plants that grow in the ground & build up stores of essential substances (minerals & shit) until they have enough for a lifetime and then break off and go look for fertile ground to have sex with

OMG where can I read this (publication date pending)

I would highly advise reading this story in The Cyborg Handbook called Digital Pistil by Lois H. Gresh. It is about the “low-level” sentience of a bred-for-commodity house plant told through its highly eroticized/grotesque hormonal desires.

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